Let’s face it unless you’re completely enamored with your job, you may feel the office blues from time to time. This is frequently the source of our dissatisfaction, and once it takes hold, it’s difficult to shake. Everyone has to work to pay the bills, but your office blues can go take a vacation. The average worker spends more of their waking hours at work or thinking about work. This includes checking emails on the way home or planning that huge presentation you have to give on Monday. The point is that we spend so much time ‘working’ that we neglect to take care of ourselves. Combine it with the demotivation we’ve previously discussed, and you’ve got yourself a formula for self-care catastrophe.

We might sometimes feel enslaved by our jobs, held hostage by deadlines, budgets, and terrible bosses we can’t seem to impress. On the other hand, it is human nature to desire to succeed and be liked by others, thus this internal conflict can make us feel as if we can’t win.  We may appear to be standing still, but the reality is that working conditions may be challenging, and we should give ourselves more credit for that.

With that in mind, let’s look at some actions we can take to ensure that we get the most out of our workday.

Ways To Get Rid Of The Office Blues

Below is a brief description of the different ways to get rid of the office blues:

Practice Gratitude

To tell you the truth, this works! Find ten things to be grateful for each morning and say them out to yourself! I know that seems a little wishy-washy, but what you’re doing is assisting your brain in focusing on positivity throughout the day. I promise that after you’ve found ten, you’ll find ten more before you even get to the workplace.

What’s amazing about gratitude is that you don’t have to think about it too thoroughly if you don’t want to. You may think of extremely basic things like “the sun is shining this morning” or “ah, I forgot we have leftover pizza for breakfast” as long as you are glad for them. Win-win situation!

 Dress Like A Boss

It goes without saying that when you look good, you feel good. Spend an additional ten minutes in the morning getting ready, and you’ll feel like a million bucks when you walk out the door! Put on your favorite hairstyle, your favorite lipstick, and your most costly perfume! You’ve earned it! Toss in some sassy hair flips.

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Are you getting enough sleep? No. The solution is simply; sleep more. We need to get enough sleep to recharge overnight (yes, your body and brain actually ‘recharge’ while you sleep) so that we can perform at our best. I don’t simply mean reaching our goals or finishing that presentation. We are typically happy when our brain is pleased. As a result, a good night’s sleep will make us feel a lot better about our day. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that just because you slept for eight hours doesn’t guarantee you got a good night’s sleep. Things like our phones or televisions may disrupt our sleep patterns without us even realizing it, so it’s worth investing in some calming oils or sleep apps that can help you track your actual slumber.

 Time Management

So, be honest with yourself: how much of your working day do you spend scrolling through Instagram or daydreaming out the window, wishing you were somewhere else? As enjoyable as it is, it eats into the hours when we should be concentrating, and we are not disciplining our minds to work. Make a schedule for your day and try to keep to it as much as possible. That way by 5 o’clock, your day’s duties won’t be following you home on your laptop or in your head!

 Prep The Day Before

Returning to time management, could you schedule some time in your day to prepare for the next day? This is not only a wonderful time-saver, but it also allows us to clear our minds of work-related thoughts, freeing up mental space for things we genuinely want to think about.

Stay Out Of The Office Politics

Stay neutral while everyone else is in a clique, trust me on this. Even if you are the only one standing alone, it is guaranteed that standing firm against the wants and expectations of others is far healthier for your mind. Although we all want to be liked, clique culture is similar to gang culture. Cliques despise each other for no apparent reason! What does each clique require to survive? Remember, when people can’t control you, they try to control other people’s opinions of you; however, if you stay true to yourself (give respect, kindness, and keep your cool), people will be able to see for themselves what kind of person you are, which is far better than selling your soul to the office devils.’

 Use CBD

Try CBD oil if you have trouble switching off and relaxing on a Sunday night because you are thinking about work or the weekend you had. CBD has been shown to help you relax, reduce worry, and tension, and therefore help you fall asleep. It helps you get rid of the office blues.

Summing Up

Overall, work environments are challenging situations that frequently cause us distress, but they may also provide us with a sense of accomplishment and merit. Try to stay on track to achieve your goals, and don’t be scared to be yourself. Hopefully, these suggestions will assist you in taking care of your mind, and ultimately, yourself, so that you may always choose to be the greatest version of yourself.

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