The fact is that the CBD market is BOOMING – and why not? It has so many useful properties and is completely safe for human consumption! Every day, more and more people are discovering the innumerable benefits CBD provides. CBD is beneficial for everyone and for everything. A new thing that is creating a buzz in the market is CBD wax. This article will act as a guide to CBD wax and tell you everything you need to know! Read on:

What is CBD wax?

CBD wax is one of the many types of cannabis concentrate. It has a high potency and allows you to consume high levels whilst ingesting low volumes. You take less CBD for more benefits! It is made with various extraction processes and some common methods include Butane Hash Oil (BHO) Extraction, CO2 Extraction, etc. CBD wax is also differentiated into types such as CBD Shatter, CBD Crumble, CBD Budder, CBD Live Resin, and so on.

Shatter: This resembles glass pieces and has a honey-like gooey texture.

Budder: This is created with the use of air pressure and has a butter-like texture.

Crumble: This is made with the same process as Budder and has a feta cheese texture.

Live Resin: This is made with a freeze-dried method and is one of the priciest CBD products out there.

How to use CBD wax?

Again, there are plenty of ways to consume CBD wax. The most popular is dabbing. Wax is sometimes referred to as a ‘dab’.


Dabbing is extremely popular and is also pretty easy! It means the flash vaporization of CBD wax. You will need a dab rig that is usually available in different shapes and sizes. All you have to do is add the CBD wax to a hot nail surface (that is a part of the dab rig) and when it turns into vapor, you inhale it. Easy, right?


CBD wax can also be placed in the bowl of your bong and you can inhale it normally – just like a bong hit.


This is again a common way of ingesting CBD. You can take your vape pen wherever you go and plenty of vaporizers are available in the market. We suggest that you look for a good quality one if you want a nice experience.

Benefits of CBD wax

As mentioned earlier, with CBD wax, you get high potency and a high concentration of CBD. In short, it gives you a noticeable effect. CBD wax can also give you a better experience when compared to other types of ingestion such as CBD tinctures and capsules.

This concentrate works instantly and provides you with instant relief. CBD is used for reasons such as pain, inflammation, acne, depression, and anxiety, etc. Providing fast relief is a boon and CBD wax does exactly that!

Buying CBD

Plenty of brands in the market deal with CBD products, however, you have to find a brand that provides you with the best quality organic products and can be trusted. EddieHemp is a great brand for purchasing CBD for all your needs. Some products include:

Broad-Spectrum CBD Wax

This contains both major and minor cannabinoids to give you the best experience. All products are tested for purity and potency. You can either purchase it one time or subscribe monthly, depending on your objectives. It is to be noted that the products are extracted in-house and are third-party lab tested. You can add this wax to your favorite dabs, use with glass or concentrate vape devices. Enjoy!

CBD Isolate Powder

This is made of 99%+ pure CBD and provides you with the maximum amount of CBD. You can subscribe monthly for better benefits. You can either add it to your favorite recipes, beverages, skincare, and so on. You can also smoke it alone or with other cannabinoids! Check out the website for more details!

CBD Isolate Slab

This is just like CBD isolate powder and provides you with the maximum amount of CBD. It provides you with the most competitive prices at $15/gram. We highly recommend this product! You can break up the product and use it with your favorite skincare or recipes.

CBD has no mentioned dosage as such, it depends on every individual. Depending on the body composition, objectives, and other things, you can adjust your dosage. It is a good idea to start with a low dosage and find your way up eventually!


CBD has a plethora of properties and can be easily included in our daily lifestyle. It is a great alternative to traditional medication and has no side effects, which is why more and more people are opting for CBD. We highly recommend you make it a part of your routine and see the advantages for yourself. We hope this article has helped you understand everything needed for CBD wax. Thank you for reading and you can ask away your questions below!

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