According to Cannabis Wiki, tinctures are glycosides, minerals, oils, and alkaloids from a plant that can be extracted with the help of a solvent. In cases of cannabis, the solvent that is used is alcohol. A few drops of tinctures can be taken – orally or topically.

Over the last few years, THC tinctures have gained prominence for the way it reacts with the body, and rightly so. In this article, we will discuss more THC tinctures and tell you everything that you need to know. Read on:

THC Tinctures – An Introduction

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is produced by the cannabis plant and has psychoactive elements. It is used for recreational and medicinal purposes. THC tincture has the same benefits as CBD does and also gives a little euphoric effect. It can be used as a pain reliever and for joint pain, neuropathy, etc.


There are plenty of advantages to enjoying cannabis with tinctures, depending on your preference and lifestyle. Some include:

  • Convenience: It is super easy to use a tincture and almost no effort is required on your part. You can enjoy it by using it without much hassle.
  • Fewer calories: Tinctures are like edibles but do not have extra sugar and calories. You can add them to your diet without any guilt!
  • Faster effects: When you place a tincture under your tongue, it tends to have a faster and long-lasting effect when compared to other methods.

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Using THC tinctures

Depending on your requirements and the objectives you have in mind, you can enjoy THC tinctures as per your choices. You can use a larger dose but we recommend starting with a smaller amount and seeing how it goes. The effect is quicker and can be enhanced with the use of alcohol. It usually takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to have its effect. It stays for up to 12 hours in the system, so we suggest you wait between your doses.

You can mix the tincture with your favorite drink or juice and edibles. All you need to do is add a small amount and experiment!

There are different brands that provide you with THC tinctures – however, not all of them are legit. We suggest you do your research and find one that follows all guidelines, conducts third-party testing, and adheres to various standards.

One such brand is EddieHemp.

EddieHemp and THC Tincture

EddieHemp is a great place to buy CBD products. They adhere to industry standards and provide you with the best quality!

Eddie – THC Tincture – Orange Flavoured

If you are looking for a tasty treat, this Eddie product is perfect for you! You can subscribe monthly. It is designed to absorb quickly and provides you with quick relief. All you need to do is place around 20 drops under your tongue and hold it for 30-60 seconds. You can even add it to your food and favorite beverages!

To sum up

Finding your optimal dose requires a little experimentation. It is important to understand how tinctures affect your body and what are your long-term objectives. THC is known to help with ECS and processes such as pain sensation, memory, moods, etc.

So go ahead and enjoy THC tinctures from EddieHemp! We hope this article has given you a detailed idea about THC tinctures.

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