CBD users who have availed a wide range of CBD products are familiar with tinctures, gummies, nasal sprays, isolates, muscle relief rubs, drink concentrates, pre-rolls, and the list seems countless. But for those looking for the ultimate potency and higher bioavailability, CBD wax and CBD sauce are the way to go. These hemp-derived CBD concentrates are free from psychotic compounds and offer calming benefits that have made them a much sought-after product. Here we look at the differences between CBD Wax vs CBD Sauce.

CBD Wax vs CBD Sauce

Let us look at the differences between CBD Wax vs CBD Sauce:

What Is CBD Wax?

A type of CBD concentrate, CBD wax extracted from hemp, is non-psychoactive and is beneficial for those who are seeking effective symptom relief. You get a bevy of CBD waxes on the market, such as crumble, shatter, and budder. These are all concentrates that come under the cluster of waxes.

Stacked with a high CBD concentration, CBD Wax has a higher potency compared to oil products. You require to intake just a small amount to receive similar effects while taking CBD oil.

Resembling candle wax, the CBD Wax can be dabbed and is derived using the extraction process whereby CBD oil is extracted from the top quality hemp plants. In fact, what lends Wax its characteristic is the plant materials utilized during its production and the process of extraction used to produce it.

A more standard form of CBD Wax is a CBD isolate-based mixture composed of CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, and additional cannabinoids like CBG. These components are combined to produce the waxy consistency we all are aware of. Terpenes are generally mixed for flavor, and such waxes are considered Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates because CBD is the only ingredient used.

As a full-spectrum product, CBD wax offers an entourage effect that has its benefits for a user. The entourage effect helps the cannabinoids to synergize the effects of one another, making them collectively more potent and effective.

Process Of Extraction

CBD wax is drawn from the CBD oil sourced from the hemp plants, and two primary extraction processes are followed, with butane extraction being more preferred over CO2 extraction.

The butane method releases the trichomes, which are abundant in terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. This makes you obtain all the chemicals lying inside the trichomes. However, a drawback is that this process eliminates the terpenes that are aromatic compounds responsible for the characteristic fragrance of many plants, including cannabis. But, the butane method, if properly executed, can be economical, efficient and produces the best results.
CO2 extraction utilizes the carbon dioxide molecule in place of butane. Due to its form and shape, it has less efficacy in extracting oils. But, it performs a fantastic task of preserving the purity and quality of all the chemicals within the trichomes.

Benefits of CBD Wax

CBD wax and dabs are highly powerful hemp extract distillations that have varied use. Resembling beeswax, CBD wax possesses a high proportion of cannabinoids. They also contain full spectrum plant extract that promotes an entourage effect with various terpenes, amino acids, and flavonoids.

There is surplus CBD content in Wax that various CBD products, indicating that you require less Wax to obtain similar results. Wax is among the instant ways to receive the effects of CBD as it is almost immediate. Higher CBD concentrates also mean more significant benefits. CBD has been found to offer a broad spectrum of therapeutic services from pain relief, anti-inflammation, anxiety alleviation, appetite boosting, and more.

Ways To Consume CBD Wax

There are varied ways to consume CBD wax and let’s look at them so that you can arrive at an informed decision on what suits you more.


The term “Dabbing” is connected with CBD wax, and at times, Wax is also called a “dab.” Dabbing gives you the chance to consume CBD at much higher potencies than regular. Technically, in dabbing, CBD wax undergoes “flash vaporization” when used on a boiling surface and breathed in.

For dabbing, you require a “dab rig” that is available in various sizes and shapes. A significant part of the dab ring includes the nail, which is that component of the rig where the vaporization of the Wax occurs. The nail is composed of ceramic or titanium and is ignited using a blowtorch. Next, you add a little bit of Wax to the heated nail surface, where it instantly changes to vapor and inhales it the way you do in a traditional bong.

While dabbing CBD, take one hit at first and then move on from there. Wiping is quite different from regular smoking and intaking CBD oil.

Take It Using A Bong

Users already familiar with the bong can take CBD wax by placing it inside the bong bowl, light it, and inhale how it usually is done while taking a hit.


A method of ingestion that is hugely popular, vaporizing offers the advantage of carrying your vape pen wherever you go. The market abounds in different types of vaporizers made particularly for concentrates and purchasing a quality model becomes necessary to receive the best vaping experience. Your best pick can be a vaporizer with a ceramic or quartz crystal heating chamber with titanium coils.

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You can experiment with different techniques and the wax type to enjoy the best blend that offers you the ultimate experience. Trying a specific vape pen, nail, pipe, and other bong parts can heighten the pleasure to provide a unique experience. CBD wax also contains natural aromas and various flavors which result from terpenes. You can select fruity, citrusy flavors to natural, pine, and earthy ones and find the perfect blend. Besides, CBD does not have any high effect and so do not expect any intoxicating feel from CBD wax. However, it offers a relaxing and calming sensation.

As CBD wax has a high concentration, it needs to be dosed carefully. Therefore, begin with a low dosage initially.

What Is A CBD Sauce?

CBD sauce is formed from 99% pure isolate and terpenes from the best strains. The sauce is a common term used for an extract with a non-uniform texture and high terpene levels.

An extract of the hemp plant with a gluey, liquid consistency, sauce extractions have high terpene content and are generally extracts with maximum flavors. On the other hand, a CBD sauce is a deconstructed shatter with a natural separation of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Due to it, there may not be an even distribution of cannabinoids and terpenes across the sauce. Therefore, two separate dabs from a similar sauce may produce two varying terpene and cannabinoid levels, to put it differently, resulting in two distinct experiences.

Process Of Extraction

The sauce is usually produced using a closed-loop mechanism and letting the resulting solution adjust and settle under different temperatures and pressures. This setting and environment facilitate the natural separation of the essential cannabinoids from the terpene-abundant portion.

The extraction procedure for sauce is similar to different solvent-based extracts, with few variations. The sauce can be prepared with cured or new frozen flower, though fixed plant substances can be deficient in terpene volume preserved better in fresh frozen flower extracts.

The solvent removal procedure is more time-consuming in CBD sauce, and the solvent is deliberately kept aside to allow the crystallization of CBDA compounds. In due process, the leftover solvents gradually evaporate. The temperatures are manipulated all along the process, which impacts the time taken to remove every solvent and the shape and size of the isolated crystals.

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Benefits Of CBD Sauce

Made from 99% CBD isolates and terpene-rich, CBD sauce gives energetic effects and is pain-relieving and relaxing. In addition, the presence of cannabidiol can have an anti-inflammatory effect and destroys bacteria and germs.
They also work as a mood booster due to the mix of terpene and high CBD content. CBD sauce enhances creativity and mental stimulation. Users, through their experience, have come to know that the effects of CBD Sauce are heightened when blended with terpenes. Therefore, they would purchase distillate, ignite it, mix in terpenes and dab it. CBD Sauce dabs as effectively as Wax.

Way To Consume CBD Sauce

You can add CBD isolate sauce to the dabs you prefer or enjoy them alone. You can also use it with a concentrate vaporizer that helps to vaporize concentrates like CBD wax and sauce.
CBD sauce can be stirred into soups, dressing, and stir-fries, and also to your smokeable. From vapes to different inhalable, CBD sauce helps to relax and relieve stress. Did you know that CBD isolates are water-soluble and can be easily infused with the favorite vape juice? Mix them to your hot beverages and add the desired amount to ingest them as a healthy option.

Closing Thoughts on CBD Wax vs CBD Sauce

Both CBD Sauce and CBD Wax can be dabbed, inhaled, and vaped as well as ingested. However, these CBD concentrates follow a different extraction process. A rich terpene content and isolated cannabinoids make CBD sauce different from other concentrates. While preparing CBD sauce, the main objective is to let the cannabinoids crystallize and segregate from the terpene-rich portion of the extract. As a result, the sauce has a more uniform and marked crystalline structure, while CBD Wax has a different sticky texture and features among the highly potent CBD concentrates. But above all, both of them can provide the effects of CBD almost instantaneously and exercise its therapeutic benefits.

At Eddie Hemp, we produce the purest and highly versatile CBD Products. Eddie’s broad-spectrum Wax is reared from a non-GMO Colorado hemp farm, in-house extracted and third-party lab tested for purity. They are not only edible but can also be used in a vaporizer or a dab rig. Full of major and minor cannabinoids that offer optimum therapeutic effects, Eddie Wax can enhance mood, alleviate pain and inflammation, and provide symptomatic relief.

Eddie CBD Isolate Sauce is packed with 99.9% CBD Isolate and beneficial terpenes in every gram, making it the most palatable and potent isolate product. With every batch going through quality testing, the result is a pure 99.9% pure CBD.

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