Several recent studies have provided helpful insight into CBD oil and its growing benefits. The recently conducted studies have brought forth data on how CBD oil has been showing exceptional results in treating chronic pain such as Arthritis and other body ailments. This article will further investigate the impending health issues that can be treated with the help of CBD oil and its related products.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is commonly known as Cannabidiol which in turn is an essence derived from the Cannabis Plant. Unlike its other contemporary derivatives such as Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the CBD oil extracted does not allow the bodily receptors to receive the notorious intoxicated state; hence the oil comes with a great set of benefits and can be easily consumed in limited quantities for medical care and treatment of chronic pain like Arthritis.

CBD has been a great source of curiosity for medical researchers and scientists due to its usage and data on how this plant can provide numerous health benefits. It is often shrouded in scandals and controversies regarding its intoxication content and the notorious high after its consumption. However, adequate research has shown how CBD does not have any derivatives that induce a feeling of exhilaration. On the contrary, the controversial high is produced by the THC content present in Cannabis that reacts with the body’s receptors.

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Benefits of CBD Oil in the Treatment of Arthritis

Ongoing research on CBD has shown some credible results in the treatment of Arthritis and osteoarthritis. Arthritis is termed one of the most common diseases found in the world and has been one of the leading autoimmune diseases to affect the masses. A recent study conducted by the Arthritis Foundation has found CBD showing exemplary results in easing inflammation and chronic pain in the patients suffering from chronic Arthritis and pain.

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Furthermore, the studies have escalated how CBD can be utilized further in the treatment of chronic pain to relieve a patient’s overall health by improving sleep and providing temporary relief in pain-induced anxiety. Some studies that have been conducted on various animals have brought forth illuminating insights on how CBD can react with the body’s receptors to induce feelings of temporary relief from pain and anxiety.

A study conducted on animals in 2017 has stated how CBD can be influential in treating joint pain caused by osteoarthritis. Similarly, data procured from the research done in 2016 highlighted how CBD if applied topically, can reduce pain and inflammation caused by Arthritis. Research conducted on animals in 2014 stated that CBD could be proven impactful in treating osteoarthritis. A study conducted on rats has successfully indicated CBD’s response in reducing inflammation caused by Arthritis.

How Does CBD Oil Works to Alleviate Symptoms of Pain in the Human Body?

CBD oil has been documented to work with the body’s neuroreceptors to reduce inflammation and pain. The CBD, when it comes in contact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, blocks the secretion of anandamide to reduce inflammation and pain. The topical usage of the oil has also been advised to seek alleviation of Arthritis and pain.

The National Center For Complementary and Integrative Health has also stated how CBD can be an effective medicine in treating temporary Arthritis and chronic pain issues in the human body. A recent review conducted in 2020 has also highlighted subtle pain reduction in the patients through CBD oil. However, CBD products should be used under strict regulations and medical supervision only.

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How to make use of CBD Oil?

CBD Oil, when applied topically, can be mixed with gels, lotions, and creams to be applied to the affected area to reduce inflammation. CBD can also be consumed orally in prescribed amounts via capsules, tablets, and pills. It is often advised that CBD products should be used in a controlled and limited manner. Moreover, they should be prescribed under strict medical supervision. CBD products are not common drugs. Therefore adequate research needs to be done before purchasing any potential CBD product.


CBD has shown effective results in alleviating pain and noticeable reductions in various chronic ailments such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. However, the legality of marijuana is still debatable in many states and countries worldwide; therefore, before purchasing any CBD product, the bioavailability of such products in a particular form should be considered according to the laws. CBD products have severe health hazards if consumed recklessly; such products should only be consumed or applied under strict medical guidelines and supervision.

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